Monday, November 03, 2008


Jake's new word.

Anderson being cute.

Jake has a new truck. Only he says fire f@ck. It is precious, he is precious.

Today we bought a Christmas snowglobe. There are a handful of Christmas items my mom and grandma would put out every year that always fascinated me as a child. I looked forward to seeing them each year. I hope to recreate that with Anderson and Jake. We spent way too long picking out a snowglobe, it had to be just the right scene, song and have adequate amount of snow in it. When we brought it home the boys were smitten. They both wanted it so we tried to take turns by switching when the music stopped playing. That didn't really work but they were desperate to have it to themselves for any length of time. When it was time to put it away Jake was beyond devestated. Anderson was upset as well but not nearly to the degree that Jake took it too. I guess it is safe to say they were fascinated. :)

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