Friday, November 14, 2008

Just when I feel like eating again..

I had to go and get these damn things on. That's not me by the way :). I haven't been able to eat anything but crackers all week but of course right after I had the braces put on this morning I felt STARVING. Having had braces twice before I knew that within an hour I would be unable to eat anything so I raced to McDonalds to get an egg and cheese biscuit. Just as I anticipated the pain began almost immediately, however I was able to eat my biscuit.

My teeth are aching like someone just beat them with a hammer and the inside of my mouth is already chewed up from all the metal. Talking hurts. I was able to eat some soup for dinner but that didn't put a dent into my week long starved hunger pains.

I contemplated getting clear braces but the orthodontist discouraged it. Apparently they don't move teeth as quickly and break more easily. Kevin said if I was going to get braces I should just "own it" and go all the way with the metal.

On a funny side note... I asked my rambunctious Kindergarten students what they could do to improve their behavior. One of my girls answered she "should follow erections better".

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