Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pillow Talk

Last night after we put the boys to bed, Kev and I could hear little Anders talking. I muted the TV and we were delighted to hear him giving loud wet smooches to his bear and telling him "love yoooouuuu, love yoooouuu". Then he began to recite some lines from Frosty the Snowman. They have been watching it in the evening before bed and they love the "No Money, No Ticket" line. We wanted to go in there and give him some HUGE hugs and kisses but we're not crazy :).

It is apparent that they are learning love just like they learned their abc's and counting. While sitting next to eachother yesterday, Jake started to rub the top of Anderson's head and kissed him on the cheek. Then he looked at us and said "brothers" and smiled. When Kevin was hugging and giving me kisses after work the other day they both were so excited and had huge grins. It is my hope that they will be compassionate and loving people. Unfortunately it doesn't come as naturally for me (with the exception of my bubbies) but in teaching them love I am learning a lot about it myself. Another one of the countless gifts they have given me.

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