Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Anderson as Mickey and Jake as Donald

Mickey and Donald had a great Halloween. We didn't get to do our big night at Greenfield Village due to the rain and Rochester was a bust but they still had a great time on Friday at Grant and Claire's school and yesterday trick or treating. I was impressed that they made it all the way around the block. They struggled to carry their increasingly heavy candy filled bags, but they refused any help. When we got home I popped some popcorn, threw in some m & m's and they sat in the foyer and watched the trick or treaters come to the door. We even let them have a sucker. I took their candy out of their bags and they didn't protest. I packed away some to take to school with me and left some out on the counter. They haven't even asked once if they could have some.
On the house front we had one showing yesterday and two scheduled for today. Yesterday's showing was during the boys naptime and they were so cranky and wound up by the time we put them down that they never really got any quality sleep. When they called about today's showings they asked to come during naptime again and I said no. New rule, no showings between 1-3. Probably not the best selling strategy, but self preservation for all in the family comes first.

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