Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This sucks

Home sale is over just as fast as it began. I guess it was a really long dream that I was abruptly woken from this morning. We are left with more questions than answers but bottom line is the sale if off. Our dream home will have to wait for the moment and I must readjust my frame of mind.

It's funny how my bubbies can make everything seem miniscule. I wallowed in some self pity for a few minutes but then I quickly reminded myself of the real, true treasures in my life. As long as I've got my three men at my side I can live in a box. Not to say I'm not really p'off at these people for jerking us around or that I'm not mightly disapointed that I don't get some new "stuff". But at the end of the day, stuff is just that, stuff.

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