Friday, October 30, 2009

Hurry up and wait

It's official. We had our first showing and we've been told they want to come back for a second showing. That was yesterday and no word yet so I'm feeling a little discouraged. Tomorrow we have a showing scheduled...during the boys nap. Of course.

The last house we sold took nearly six months to sell, so by then you can imagine how fed up one becomes of keeping the house spotless. We were told we had a showing and I decided I wasn't going to clean. As in not even make the bed and wet towels on the shower floor. That was the showing that led to the sale of our house. Go figure.

Today we carved pumpkins and took the boys to Grant and Claire's Halloween parties and parade at school. Claire's classroom is my old classroom. I taught my first two years in that classroom. It was strange to be in my old classroom where Claire is now educated daily with my own children by my side. I couldn't help but notice all the sh!t her teacher (male teacher I might add) had piled up in MY room. The place was a mess! The boys had a great time in school. Those hotshots helped themselves to treats, bingo, trinkets from Grant's classmates and even tried to get in on the parade.

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