Sunday, November 08, 2009


We sold our house on Thursday! Two offers came in on Wednesday night and on Thursday we met with our agent to work out a deal. I keep feeling like this is some sort of LONG dream that I haven't woken from. Everything happened so quickly! Yesterday was the home inspection and things went well. We have just one small issue to address but it shouldn't be a problem at all. The next hurdle is making sure the house appraises for it's selling price. The buyers actually offered us more than our asking price with some concessions. So even though we don't get more than our asking price (or our asking price for that matter) the house must still appraise for that amount.

Yesterday we met with Tuscany Builders to discuss floor plans, lots and the details of the home purchase. We also spent some time walking the new neighborhood and picking out a lot. We are still on the fence whether or not we are going to do a walk out basement or not, but if we decide to then we have a lot we really like. It is actually right on the border of the older phase of the neighborhood, so all of our backyard neighbors would already be established as well as the neighbor on our left. We won't have to deal with construction or dirt and the boys will be able to ride their bikes up and down the street safely without gaps in the sidewalk due to empty lots.

If we don't do a walkout basement then there are still 30-40 lots to choose from so at this point we are in good shape. Right now we are just trying to decide between two different floor plans and weighing the pros and cons of a walk out. Of course the only con is price. It is actually pretty reasonable, but when you factor in building up a deck or patio to accomodate a walk out, that is when the numbers start spiraling.

On Friday night we started taking things over to my Grandmother's condo. Today we have already made three trips with at least one more to go. It feels and looks like we haven't even put a dent in the work ahead of us.

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