Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Day-Part Two

Jake was all smiles

We were desperately calling for them to look up so we could snap a shot.

After nearly three years I still can't believe these bubbies are mine! *pinch*

Anderson was giggling up a storm in the leaves.

Today was a beautiful day so we dressed the boys in their holiday gear and headed to Rochester Park for a photo shoot. While we were there, we found some huge piles of leaves so we let the boys have at it. They were happily burying themselves and jumping in and out of the piles.
We had a showing yesterday, today and one scheduled for tomorrow. We've been told a possible offer may be coming in sometime before Monday afternoon. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, this roller coaster sucks. A lot can happen between now and Monday afternoon and an offer doesn't really mean anything if it's not sincere.
My surgery date is official. My lower jaw will be sawed in half in two places, advanced forward and held together with plates and screws on December 15th. This is such a long time coming, I'm having difficulty putting into words how I feel. So many thoughts come to mind...realizing for the first time that I had buck teeth. I was in sixth grade and felt pretty good about myself until I found out my nickname was Tammy "no chin" Guitar. Being told by a distant family member "put your teeth back in your mouth" as a joke. Always fearing to really let loose and laugh aloud because I knew my teeth were sticking out. Suffering from ear and jaw pain because I spend half my day forcing my jaw into a position it's just not meant to be in. I'm just skimming the surface with these thoughts, if I really divulged here I'd fear judgement. As a friend on facebook said this week "your own mind can be the worst tormentor".

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Sara said...

Tammy, you're gorgeous. I only wish I looked like you.