Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 flew by. We hosted a brunch and then headed to Great Grandma Edgar's house for dinner. The boys enjoyed the day, particulary all of the balloons at G.G Edgars. On Friday we joined the McBride's at the Henry Ford Musuem for the Lego Castle Exhibit. It was crazy busy, but we managed to still have a good time. I think my favorite part of the field trip was the Bosco Sticks we had at the cafe. We left our stroller behind and the boys did a great job walking the whole time. Had to have been at least a mile, but they seemed unphased.

Today Kevin and I walked through the two different potential houses we are considering building. Due to the economy, the builder has no models of the different houses so he had to set up walk throughs of existing homes that people already live in. That's a little awkward to say the least. Thanks for letting us intrude....but really who is going to buy a home sight unseen?

It was really hard to pick a favorite, we were hoping to walk into one of them and say this is the one. We could have said that for both of them. Both homes were beautiful and had great layouts. Fortunately after talking about them, Kevin and I were on the same page. We were both slightly leaning towards the same house so decision made.

We will meet with the builder this week to discuss the details and draw up a purchase agreement. As far as our current home goes, everything went well with the inspection and now we are just waiting to hear back on the appraisal. No word on a closing date yet.

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

We built this house sight unseen and it worked out awesome because our purchase agreement allowed us to back out of it up until the day of closing with a full refund of the down payment if we didn't like it. I don't know if your builder would be willing to do that for you, but it was awesome extra security for us and in the end, we loved the house. Good luck!