Friday, March 06, 2009


I've been procrastinating writing any kind of update to Anderson's double root canal because I just didn't want to re-live it. Today I felt like maybe I could do it without getting too upset but tonight after giving him a bath I lifted his lip to see if his abscess was completely gone yet and it was twice the size I have ever seen it over the past two weeks!

His procedure was completed on Wednesday. It was awful, they were running an hour behind, he was hysterical and drugged up, I couldn't comfort him or be with him in the way I wanted and by the end of the day I was feeling like I was in total panic attack mode. I literally felt like I was having a heart attack whilst decompressing from such an emotional day.

Tonight I called the emergency line about his abscess. We have to bring him back first thing in the morning. He is going to hate us. I can't even imagine what his reaction is going to be when we try and take him back tomorrow. Even worse I can't even imagine what will happen if they have to pull his tooth. I'd rather take the pliers to my own teeth with no anathestic then make him go through something so scary again.

Did I mention Jake has been running a fairly high fever today? Tylenol and Motrin haven't been able to break it, it still hovers around 101. We took him to the dr. after he complained of ear pain. The dr. said his ears are fine that his molars are coming in which is causing ear pain. The fever he is running is from a virus of some sort. Now we all wait to see who the next victim will be.

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