Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bye bye binkies

After watching Supernanny on Friday evening and seeing two four year old twins with binkies I thought we might want to try and do away with ours. Thankfully the boys have only used their binkies at nap/bedtime since they were about 9 months old but they still LOVE them. I think part of the reason they don't really fight nap/bedtime is because they get their binkies.

We tried it for the first time with yesterday's nap. Anderson seemed okay with it, definitely not happy but okay. Jake was pretty ticked off. By the time we closed the door he was screaming and continued to scream for an hour and a half. About 20 minutes into the screaming, Anderson joined in and he screamed for about 45 minutes. Anderson finally fell asleep but not Jake. They were so upset about the whole situation that I think they lost track about what they were actually upset about. They screamed for milk, cars, getting up, socks off, but never for the binkies?!?!?!

At bedtime we stuck to our guns and tried again. It took a good half hour of chattering but they finally fell asleep with no tears. I put them down for their nap about a half hour ago and Jake is still chattering but Anderson has been quiet for about 15 minutes. They both asked again where their binkies were and I just told them we had to give them to the little babies that need them.

It looks like we are out of the woods with Anderson, he is doing great without the binky. We will just have to wait and see with Jake. If he doesn't nap today we are thinking we might give it back because at this point a well rested and happy toddler is priority number one in this household. But please.... don't tell Anderson!

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! we watched it too and decided the binkies are hitting the road in the near future! keep us updated on jake! by the way, i hope anderson's tooth is still doing better!