Saturday, March 07, 2009

Holding on by a thread

Anderson and Daddy playing with playdough

Jake showing off his creation

Kev and his lil buddies

Jake showing Mommy his Mr. Potato Head playdough creation

Today was a challenge. Kevin and I are mentally and physically drained. We took Anderson back to the dentist so that the dr. could examine the seriousness of his abscess. The decision was made to switch antibiodics (for a third time) and see what happens. I REALLY don't want him to lose the tooth so I guess we have no other choice than to continue him on meds. Jake was still feeling crappy so it was a long day with him. He was understandably short tempered, moody, and whiny.
We thought if we could just get him to naptime and he slept a good amount that he would turn a corner. He was exhausted when we layed him down and after an hour the phone rang. I usually take the phone off the hook, but today I didn't. It woke him up and he was a blubbering, crying mess. It took a long time to settle him, he refused to go back to sleep and of course he woke his brother with all of the noise and resistance. That is when we went from bad to worse.
Jake was so tired he had trouble keeping his eyes open. We broke our TV rules and let him watch as much as he wanted. I was hoping he might fall asleep but never did. He cried over everything little thing. We got desperate and opened Christmas/Birthday gifts I had set aside to open during the summer when they needed some new stuff. This would work for about 10 minutes and then the chaos would start back up.
As the afternoon wore on, Anderson's lack of a full nap began to catch up with him. It was ugly. When we finally couldn't take anymore we decided an early bedtime was in order, even if it means we will be woken up tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. So be it.

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