Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Buzz Lightyear lightup shoes

Buzz and Woody wannabes

Anderson showing Mommy his new shirt

Watching the shoes light up

Jake lovin his new diggs
The boys are feeling better. Fevers are gone, appetites are returning but some crankiness remains. We had a busy weekend, the weather was decent so we stayed on the go. On Saturday we went to our very first gymnastics class. Anderson and Jake got to try the balance beam, uneven bars and a little spring board. They enjoyed themselves but seemed a little overwhelmed. There were a lot of children there and it wasn't the most organized class but at least they got to get out of the house.
Later in the afternoon we headed to Great Lakes Crossing for the Disney Outlet Store. The boys have been obsessed lately with Toy Story. They love watching the movie and saying "To infinity and beyond"! So we went to the store to see if we could find them a Woody or Buzz shirt to wear. They were having a huge sale so we were able to buy them 2 different Toy Story shirts, a Cars shirt, and Cars p.j's. We also bought them some Buzz Lightyear lightup shoes (not on sale)....we just couldn't resist. Kevin and I are so excited to take them to Disney in August! They have spent a considerable amount of time wearing them around the house to watch them light up. They even like to take them off, hit the bottoms and watch them light up.
Today we ran some errands and went to the park. The park close to our home isn't open yet, so we tried a different one. It has a smaller playscape which is more manageable for the boys. We don't have to hover over them so much and they enjoy their independence. We also took them for a walk on the trails. They touched some cattails, picked up acorns and watched a squirrel digging a hole. It doesn't take much, they are so sweet.
Tonight we had a major crisis on our hands. We have lost Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear is Anderson's lovie. He LOVES and ADORES Mr. Bear. We can hear him talking to him in his crib telling him "I love you Mr. Bear" all the time. We have no idea where he is. The only time Mr. Bear has left the house was to go to Anderson's double root canal. We never take him out because we don't want to lose him. So he has got to be somewhere in the house, but after turning the house upside down we still can't find him. Anderson took it like an absolute champ. He was sad and very disappointed, his little lip sticking out and trembling as I told him we just can't find him and he'll have to go to bed without him. He didn't freak or tantrum but it took him a good hour to fall asleep. Generally when we put him down he is out within minutes. I'm not sure what we are going to do?!?!?!

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

look on ebay for a replacement. we had to almost do that with wyatt's hippo.