Thursday, January 01, 2009

2 days to 2

Playing with the trains at IKEA

A and J in the home goods

New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful for the twinks. They headed to bed at their usual time and snoozed right through it. They are both still moving a little slower with a touch of cranky so there was no point in keeping them up late to make things worse. My parents had offered to babysit which was a really great treat. We kept it low key with dinner and movie and were home by 10.

It was really nice to enjoy a quiet dinner where I could actually chew my food and not search the diaper bag for my next trick to keep the peace. We saw Doubt and I was really impressed. It was dark and at times creepy but I was pleased nonetheless. Anytime Kevin and I talk the whole ride home about the movie we just saw that is proof positive it was thought provoking and entertaining.

I haven't made any resolutions for 2009. Not to say I wouldn't benefit from any but I just haven't had the time to ponder much between the Christmas recovery and birthday party prep.

Today we got an early start and headed to IKEA. We haven't been there in several months and it was just time. We bought some useful and non useful items. Things are so reasonable there that I don't feel guilty buying something we could live without. We certaintly don't need hanging lights for the playroom with hippos on them but for 2.99 each...why not?

The boys enjoyed their shopping cart rides. We are lucky, they are pretty content in the shopping cart. They got to play with the train set they had and that allowed me to browse the kiddie stuff without interruption. Of course when it was time to leave the trains behind they were madder than hornets at us. Jake even attempted to take a swing at me he was so ticked. You don't get between that boy and his trains.

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