Sunday, January 04, 2009

Birthday Party-Part Two

Anderson about to take the plunge.

Jake looking like he's been overserved.

Grant and Claire help the boys with opening their gifts

I adore this picture! Jakey is blowing out the candles with his hands clasped and Anderson just has a huge grin for him!

Anderson and Mommy before we sang Happy Birthday

The boys wearing their Mickey ears and opening their envelopes.
The boys second birthday went great. We had about 30 family/friends over for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bash. When the boys woke from their nap they were ready to go. They saw the balloons and got so excited saying "happy day, happy day". They played with their balloons as we waited for our guests to arrive. We took them down to the basement and they were happy to see all the decorations and set up. They honed right into the m& m's, they were allowed one each and the good boys that they are they left them alone the rest of the day.
They had fun playing with their cousins and friends. Each one of them enjoyed the company and attention. When it was time to sing and blow out the candles they were ready. I think this was the part they liked the best and had been looking forward to the most. We've been practicing for weeks.
The gift opening went much like Christmas. As soon as they opened some new Thomas trains it was over. All they wanted was to play with and examine Salty and Diesel. Grant and Claire basically opened the rest for them while the boys obediently called out obligatory thank you's directed from me without looking up from their trains.... "fank you, fank yoooouuu".
Today was spent relishing in the new toys and getting the house back into shape. Grant and Claire came over for a few hours while their parents had dinner and they enjoyed that time immensely.
I'm left baffled by the fact that my beautiful sons have been with us for two amazing years. Every minute, milestone, challenge and joy has been an incredible journey. I appreciate every ordinary and extraordinary day I have with them never taking a minute for granted.

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