Friday, January 16, 2009

Anderson performs

Anderson wearing his sun hat. Wishful thinking.

Jake wearing his sun hat while holding onto Frosty.

Anderson James sings Frosty the Snowman

It is so damn cold around here. The boys have barely left the house this past week because of the sub zero temps we have been experiencing. We did manage to go to music and storytime at the library. Anderson has really caught on to the routine. He obediently follows directions to sit, wait his turn, and can dance with the best of them. Jake has some different ideas. He prefers to wander the room, check everyone out and participate when he feels like it. On Thursday he thought it would be fun to crawl under the teacher's easel again and again. When I tried to put a stop to it he made me pay in the worst way embarassing tantrum.

I wouldn't say the twos have been terrible thus far but certainly a challenge. This morning I was woken from sleep at 5:30 a.m. by Anderson repeating some kind of non sense over and over. He is a pretty relentless little fellow so I knew ignoring him was not going to work. I went into his bedroom to see what was the matter and that stinker told me "I got boogers". I told him to nevermind the boogers, it was too early to get up and everyone was sleeping. He then said "poo butt". He'll try anything.

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