Thursday, January 08, 2009

Somebody stop us

Sleepy Jake discovering his trains.

Anderson was happy too.

I love pics of them in their sleep sacks aka dresses. It is so funny to watch them shuffle around in them.

I was able to finally dress and feed them but right back to the trains they went.

Jake sending Thomas down the hill.

We bought the boys a train table for all of their trains and accessories. They just love, love, love their trains and playing with them on the floor just wasn't going to work out. So last night after they went to bed we set up their table and tracks.
When they woke this morning they were so happy to find the table. I had a difficult time getting them to do anything else today. They did take a break to go to storytime at the library. Storytime was a lot like Music class and I am happy that Anderson and Jake are starting to catch on. They were much more in rhythm this time and remembered much of what they learned on Tuesday. Jake started randomly singing Baa, baa black sheep at dinner, I melted. This whole music and storytime thing has me so excited for them to start preschool. It's a ways off but I know they are going to love it.

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