Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 random facts about me

I did this on Facebook and had fun with it.

1) I met Kevin while working at Major Magics in 1994.

2) I once scored five 3 pointers in a basketball game.

3) My boss is my old 6th grade teacher.

4) I really regret not going to Europe before the boys were born.

5) I hate handling raw meat..that is what Kevin is for.

6) I cannot swallow pills. I have to chew them.

7) I cheated in school more times than I can count..YIKES!

8) I have a masters degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education

9) My son Anderson is named after Anderson Cooper...I lurve em both.

10) Two things that I am most proud of are carrying my twins to term and breastfeeding them both if only for a short ime.

11) I wish I were more thoughtful.

12) I'm extremely cheap.

13) I eat dessert almost everyday.

14) Kevin suprised me with a proposal while I was in Toronto with Jared and my aunt and uncle.

15) I'm not good with pets.

16) I have fallen away from church and I'm not sure if I want to go back.

17) I'm crappy at small talk.

18) I spend half my waking hours chasing Anderson and Jake around begging them to sit with me so I can smother them with hugs and kisses. My heart hurts when they are too busy for me.

19) I would fall apart without Kevin in my life, he is my rock and I love him.

20) My BFF has been my BFF since we were 5 and met in Kindergarten.

21) I gained 65 lbs. while pregnant.

22) I'm married to a certified genius.

23) I love my sister to pieces.

24) I had a nose job in 2002 and I'm not embarassed....its one of the best things I have ever done for myself!

25) I love being a of multiples.


Brent and Heather Harbin said...

Do they like the slide you got them for their birthday?

Jens said...

I'm proud to say I knew most of those! I haven't the time to write 25 about me. They would take forever to think up...