Friday, October 31, 2008


Sorting through the goods.

Jake Thomas

Waiting for the siren to start the trick or treating

Nanny and Papa were having a hard time getting them to sit still.
The boys were too busy for picture taking.

Anderson James
What a fantastic day! The weather was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better Halloween. We started the day off at Switzer to see Grant and Claire in their Halloween parade. The boys wore their costumes and enjoyed joining in with the big kids. Claire was a flapper and Grant was Indiana Jones.
This evening they got dressed again in their costumes and played outside while we waited for the sirens to go off at 6. Anderson and Jake were running around, chasing eachother and just beside themselves with excitement. We trick or treated at about 6 houses and probably could have done more but they were dripping in sweat from the unusually warm day so we brought them home to strip off their costumes. The rest of the evening was spent handing out candy. They had mixed feelings about that. Jake liked to hand it out and so did Anderson, but then as the stash got smaller they had a change of heart. Anderson began to refuse to give away candy and Jake would fake kids out. He would put his hand in the bag but not drop the candy in. At least 5 kids got cheated out of candy.
Now I just need to figure how out erase the monkey costume from Anderson's memory. The stinker is relentless about asking for it. Today he spent most of his waking minutes asking to wear it and if he was wearing it he was telling you over and over "monkey".

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