Sunday, October 05, 2008

Jake choosing a book from his new library

So many choices!

Reading with Daddy before bed.

When your Mom is a teacher, you have a lot of books. I had been buying books for years through the school book orders to set aside for my future little ones. I had two large tubs full of books, halloween books, thanksgiving books, books about teeth, being afraid of the dark and the list goes on and on. The boys aren't quite ready yet for anything but board books, but we set up a little library anyways. They were pretty excited when they saw all the books I have been hoarding for them.

Kevin had Friday off so the boys got to spend a lot of time with Daddy. They ask for him constantly when he is at work and anytime I take them out they think we are going to meet him for lunch. They get so upset when they realize we aren't meeting Daddy. So when they get a bonus day with Daddy they love it.

Yesterday we did our annual pumpkin picking with the McBrides. Nanny and Papa came this year and the boys loved the every minute. They really enjoyed the wagon ride through the pumpkin patch. Both of them were trying to lift and carry any pumpkin within reach. Afterwards everyone came back to our house and we ordered carryout. Fortunately we didn't forget the camera on our outing, unfortunately we did forget the memory card. No pictures to share.

Today we played catch up. We set up our little library, cleaned the bathrooms, and I organized the little people's closet. I packed up all of their summer clothes into bins and washed some of their new fall/winter wardrobe. After dinner the boys spent some time playing outside. When it was time to come in I picked up Anderson and started to carry him into the house. Jake began to cry immediately. He knew what that meant and he wasn't happy. Before Kevin knew it Jake was making a break away down the sidewalk at full speed. Poor Jakey!

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