Thursday, October 09, 2008

I have heavy soakers

New cloth diaper without giant maxi pad insert

Cloth diper with giagundous maxi pad insert filled with THREE triple layered inserts.

Lugging around about 5 lbs. of diaper

I have what the diaper industry calls "heavy soakers" at nighttime. We thought we had solved our problems months ago when we came up with the ingenius idea of sending them to bed with TWO diapers on. We just doubled them up. It worked for awhile but then they started soaking through those a couple times a week and now we are just at a point where they are literally up to their necks in pee come morning time. Thank god for sleep sacks, it keeps the mess contained.

So after some research I decided to buy them some cloth diapers. They look so much more comfortable than sposies and I know I wouldn't want to wake up soaked in my urine either. We tried them out last night and they were a bust. The leaks weren't quite as bad, but they did leak. So tonight we added extra inserts and we'll see what tomorrow will bring.

Just a side note...the boys got their hair cut yesterday. I'm tired of haircuts every few weeks so I told the lady to shave them down to a one on the sides and back. They look so ridiculous to no fault of their own, they are completely bald on the lower half of their heads. They look like little mushroom heads. Sorry guys, forgive me?

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