Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun with stickers

Jake stickerin' up his coloring book

Anderson places his stickers carefully

" See, see?"

Look Momma!

The boys are becoming increasingly more difficult to entertain. Boredom comes fast and furious on some days and today was one of them. It was much too cold for a walk outside, we've already putzed around Target about 8 times in the past 7 days....and its only mid-October.

The last time we tried stickers, Jake managed to eat one completely but this time it was different. They both stuck stickers for about 20 minutes and even though Jake tasted one, eating it wasn't his main focus. Anderson was very thoughtful in his placement of the stickers and easily removed them from the paper. Jake had a more difficult time removing them but soon got the hang of it. He didn't pay much attention of where he put them or if he stuck six of them on top of eachother. Either way they both had a good time.

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