Monday, July 21, 2008

Great Grandma Edgar's Birthday

Great Grandma Edgar and Anderson

Jake with a balloon.

Jake and Grandma at dinner

The Edgar family got together yesterday to celebrate Grandma's birthday. We met for dinner but unfortunately the boys and I headed home early. A certain someone didn't want to cooperate, eat their food, or stop saying "uh, uh, uh, uh," while pointing at everything and anything on the table. When it was clear that things weren't going to get better but probably worse, I opted to take the boys home so everyone could enjoy their dinner in peace. Of course that certain someone was as happy as can be to be at home and playing with his toys, totally oblivious to the gray hairs his Dad grew b/c of him in that short 30 minutes. I'd like to say he redeemed himself today, but far from it. He bit me out of anger and it hurt so bad I had tears. My spirited child is really testing his limits lately, a lovely preview of the terrible twos.

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