Wednesday, July 09, 2008

18 month stats

Height 33 1/2 inches 75-90th percentile
Weight 26lbs. 13 oz. 50-75th percentile

Height 33 1/2 inches 75-90th percentile
Weight 25 lbs. 6 oz. 25-50th percentile

The boys had a great appointment. It was a long one, they sent in the resident before the dr. which kinda t'eed me off. Our appointments already take twice as long as a family that brings in one child so we really didn't need the extra half an hour added on. We were in a tiny hot room for an hour and a half which doesn't really equate to serenity with two toddlers. But like most things we survived. Kevin did a great job keeping the boys occupied while I spoke to the dr and answered all the questions. After the appointment, Nanny and Papa took us all out for some pizza at the Office Pub. Jake gave out lots of kisses and Anderson colored some sharp pictures.

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