Thursday, July 03, 2008

For my boys

Jake's half birthday last year...6 months old
Jake's half birthday this year...18 months
Dear Jake,
Your warm and gentle nature is awe inspiring. The love you share with your family is geniune and precious. You find humor and fun in the most simple of things. You love animals, especially dogs. Some of your favorite activities include rides in your little car, pushing around your lawn mower, and exploring different rooms in the house. You are a quiet soul and I know if you could talk you wouldn't say a cross word about anyone. Daddy and I love the nuzzling you do with us before we put you to bed and there is nothing more sweet than seeing your little bed head in the morning whilst you tell us stories of your journies through the night. We love you Jakey, you are a special little boy.

Anderson's half birthday last year...6 months

Anderson's half birthday this year...18 months
Dear Anderson,
You are the brightest star in the sky. Your smile is contagious and your loving heart can be seen by all. You love to interact with others, kindly saying hello to everyone in your path. You have an incredible love for learning and a curiousity that is endless. Books are your favorite activity and you are so happy when someone reads to you. You patiently listen while waiting to turn the pages and often you add your own commentary to the story. You have a great sense of others emotions, always offering a hug and a kiss just when someone needs it the most. Jake is your best buddy, when he is upset you always offer him a toy or a hug to cheer him up. Daddy and I love to cuddle up with you and teach you new things. We love you Anders, you are a special boy.

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