Monday, July 07, 2008

Extra Long Weekend

Zippered wristlet (front)
Zippered Wristlet (back)

My weekend finds from IKEA. Funny how I spent a lot of time this weekend throwing away and simplifying, yet I went out and bought more stuff.

We had a great long weekend with Kevin home for 4 days. The boys and I love it when Dad is home with us! We were able to get a lot done around the house. I use the term "a lot" in a relative way. "A lot" around here with the boys is trimming ONE tree, cutting the grass, organizing ONE room, cleaning two bathrooms and getting the grocery shopping done. The rest of the time we are just struggling to keep with daily things so that the house doesn't become condemed.
Yesterday the boys enjoyed an afternoon bbq at Grandma's house. I don't have any pics, so Grandma or Auntie please send some over and I'll post them. Per usual Jake pigged out and Anderson threw his food all over the floor. They have a well visit on Wednesday and I predict Jake will weigh in a few pounds larger than his brother. These days it seems Anderson is living on fruit.
I had some time to do some sewing yesterday. I attempted my first zipper project. I used this tutorial to make a wristlet. I had some leftover fabic so all I needed to purchase was a zipper. I'm still mulling over the window valance, I have some ideas but I chickened out when it came to cutting the fabric. Next up is some baby booties for family members who have recently had babies.

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