Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cousins and Ice Cream

Cousins watching videos of themselves

Here we go...

Not much left Jake

Anders with an ice cream stash

Not ready to call it a day

Today the boys got to hang out with Grant and Claire and they had a super time! They love spending time with their big cousins and just think the world of them. The highlight of the day was a trip to Dairy Queen for their very first ice cream cup. Chocalate and Vanilla swirl of course. They have tried ice cream before and Jake has even stolen my cone away but today they got one of their very own with a spoon. Anderson and Jake have only practiced with a spoon a handful of times so we brought the camera with us knowing it would be interesting to watch. Major desire for ice cream combined with little skill using a spoon made for a fun time by us but torture for the little people

They started off slowly and it looked like they weren't going to be able to eat very much but before we knew it their cups were almost empty. Jake proceeded to sip the rest of it out of his cup, not wanting to waste a single drip. As you can see from the above picture he had it all over his face and wasn't phased in the least.

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