Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Mommy and her honey bees.


Daddy and his Halloween goodies.

Trick or Treating

Spiderman giving Jake a treat...fruit snacks, Daddy's favorite!

The boys had a full first Halloween. Daddy took the day off and we started out by going to breakfast. We dressed the boys up and they looked so precious in their bumble bee costumes. After breakfast we headed downtown for a helmet adjustment for Jake, hopefully his last one. The orthotist said that after today's adjustment there is no more room for anymore adjustments. Jake has officially outgrown his trendy headwear. We see the dr. next month, but it is looking like Jake will be done by December.

The appointment took a long time so the boys were pretty tired to say the least. They crashed on the way home but as soon as the car pulled into the garage they were ready for some more Halloween celebrating. We tried with earnest all afternoon to get them to nap but they weren't having it.

We headed to the McBride's for our annual Halloween sloppy joe dinner and my parents joined us there. Afterwards all the kids put on their costumes and we took lots of pictures. By that time it was close to six o'clock and we came home as to not miss out on the action. We loaded the boys up in their wagon and headed to our neighbors' homes. Anderson and Jake scored big with bath toys, finger foods and some candy for Mommy and Daddy. They spent some time visiting with their Grandmas and passing out candy to the Trick or Treaters. It didn't take long for them to tire out, we layed them to sleep and they didn't make a peep. Sweet pumpkin dreams, sweet babies.

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