Friday, October 12, 2007

Rookie Mistake

Ma, we can't breathe (or move) in these things!

Anders is frozen like a statue.

"Rookie mistake" is a term coined by Kevin and refers to things we have done like forgetting the diaper bag at home, driving 45 minutes to a mall and not having the stroller in the back, setting the jar of baby food within their reach and watching hell break loose among many other parenting mishaps we have committed from being new on the job. Today I made a rookie mistake, I picked up these vests for the boys a couple of weeks ago thinking they would be so cute but as you can see from the pics I was torturing the poor little guys. They both look like their choking and Anderson reminds me of the little brother in "Christmas Story" that falls over in his snowsuit and can't get up. When I tried unzipping them a little the vests rode up over their shoulders and still choked them. Plainly said, the vests sucked. Sorry guys!

1 comment:

Jens said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!
We got a good laugh. They look like they are wearing life preservers!
Good job though, they aren't matching!
Jodi and Jens