Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cider Mill and Pediatric Urgent Care don't mix...

Jake Thomas

Anderson James

The cousins crew

Everyone except Kev, the photographer.

Daddy kissin up on Jake

What a day, what a LONG day! It started off as any other day, rise and shine at 6 a.m., breakfast and lots of play. While playing this morning Jake made a random arm movement and ended up swiping Anderson across his face. He was pretty shook up but after lots of soothing and kisses he calmed down, then I realized that Jake had scratched poor Anders eye. He had a pretty good size red broken blood vessel looking thingy in the corner of the white of his left eye. He seemed unphased by it, he wasn't rubbing it and seemed happy enough so we decided to just keep an eye on it and call the dr. in the morning.

We did the cider mill/pumpkin thing but I had a hard time enjoying myself because I was worried about my bubby the whole time. On the way home we decided to take Anderson to the Pediatric Urgent Care at Crittenton Hospital and I am glad we did. They put some dye in his eye and looked at it with black light and saw that the scratch was superficial....he'll live. We have drops to give him to prevent infection and all is well. He was a very cooperative patient and flirted with all the nurses. After Jake woke up from sleeping in the car, Kevin brought him in and then they all ooogled over Jake as well. Let's hope for a less eventful annual cider mill day next year.

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