Friday, October 05, 2007

Jake's 9 month update

Jake Thomas smiles for Daddy.

Sweet little man.

Rockin' out on his rocket.

Jake is a hard working baby compared to most at 9 months old. He has physical therapy for his Tortocolis (shortened neck muscle) twice a week so he is a busy guy. Generally he is a cooperative patient but sometimes he can really make his therapist work for her money.

Therapy consists of Jake playing on his tummy, stretching out his muscles, sitting on giant balls, and reaching and stretching out to get objects. He loves to interact with the other children at therapy but making caveman sounds like uh, uh, to get their attention and if that doesn't work he screams out till they pay him some mind.

Jake isn't babbling yet but he certainly let's us know what he wants or doesn't want for that matter. He isn't quite as easy going as his brother, he likes things his way or the highway. You don't want to take a toy away or remove him from his jumper before he is ready or look out, the wrath of Jake can be quite intimidating and LOUD!

He is a happy guy on most days and always has lots of soft coos or awes when we hug and cuddle him. He is very interested in finding out how his toys work and loves his toys that he can spin. He is a very skilled toy spinner.

Jake LOVES his solid foods especially his meats. Generally we have to decide when Jake has had enough because he never gives us any indication that he is full....I guess he has a hollow leg. Did I mention his obbession with ice cream? If you remember from previous posts he can't get enough of that. He gets frustrated though because we only give him tiny tastes but he wants more! He is a great sleeper that rarely gets cranky after a missed nap or a long day. I think Jake could pull an all nighter if he wanted to and not miss a beat.

Happy 9 months Baby Jake, you are the light of our lives and we love you to pieces!

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