Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anderson scooched his way under the computer desk in the den.

Laying around as our bathtub fills up.

We love tubby time! Lately when we take the boys out of the baths they have mini fits, they enjoy the time spent splashing around.



The boys are really starting to get around lately. Still not officially crawling but definitely on their way. Anderson likes to scooch around backwards and on Tuesday Jake started to army crawl. We are very excited about Jake because just a week ago he didn't even seem remotely close to crawling and now are little guy is well on his way. Anderson has been rocking on all fours for a couple weeks so it is just a matter of time till he figures out how to get going.


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Grandma Sandy said...

I am so proud of you two on the parents that you have become. You'r doing a great job with the boys.
Grandma Sandy