Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Anderson's 9 Month Update

Anderson showing off with no hands on his Radio Flyer Rocket.

A boy and his spaceship.

Playing in his box of toys.

Hmm...what's this?

Anderson is such a bright little guy. His personality is really starting to show through. He is a people person and doesn't like to be alone. He has an endless supply of smiles to hand out and is rarely ever in a foul mood. He seeks the attention of his brother quite often but doesn't realize pulling Jake's hair isn't helping to get his brother to play. When he takes a toy away from Jake he becomes confused as to why Jake has started to cry, as Kevin says he's a bull in a china shop.

Anderson has really begun to talk up a storm lately. He chatters away in his own little world, changing inflections, giggling and looking for approval. His most common yakking includes hi, dadadadada, mom, mamamamamama, tetetetetetet, lalala and other non sensical sweet mumblings. He has really started to explore his world by rolling around the room and scooting on his tummy but he always makes sure his mommy and daddy are within sight. If he scooches to a place he can no longer see us he whines and whimpers till we come and get him.

At meal time he has started to shake his head no when he is done eating and a few times he signed "all done". We have been using some sign language with the boys and it appears that Anderson is picking up on it but doesn't use it consistently yet. He continues to be a tempermental and picky eater. Anderson doesn't quite have the appetite of his brother when it comes to solids but he does bypass him when it comes to bottle time. Speaking of bottles, Anderson can now drink his formula with a sippy cup all by himself. If he is really hungry he will do it flawlessly but if he isn't he will play around and take forever to drink it.

Happy 9 months Anderson! We can't wait to see what you'll be doing next, you make Mommy and Daddy so happy and we love you so much!

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Brent & Heather Harbin said...

How handsome he is with his four little teeth and flashy new ride! I can picture him on the cover of baby GQ with a little leather jacket and some gel in his hair! Hot stuff!