Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oodles of Noodles

Anderson liked his whole grain pasta...YUM?

Jake did too!

Happily munching away.

It takes a good half an hour plus for those noodles to disapear from the trays.

Doesn't Jake's head look awesomely round? Yay for our little helmet guy!

Can you really have too many eating pics? I know I may be wearing the eating entries thin but Kev and I get so excited when they eat new things. Today was whole grain pasta with a taste of butter and parmesean. So far they will eat just about anything we put in front of them... pinto and lima beans, pasta, ravioli, chicken, pancakes, veggies, meatloaf, grapes and the list goes on. It just takes them so darn LONG to eat, I'm a slow eater and they are too slow even for me! Today they spent some time playing at Grant and Claire's house so Mom and Dad could do some basement organization. We have enough garbage for an entire street to throw away. The good news is our basement is close to being done. We had our drop ceiling hung on Friday and soon we'll be installing cabinets and toliets. The countdown is on...that basement must be finished for the big 1st birthday bash.

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Brent & Heather Harbin said...

Thank you for the whole grain pasta idea! My babes ate it today for lunch. I get so excited when I find something new I can feed them! Can you believe how fast it's going?!?!?!