Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A day in the life of Anderson and Jake...Happy 8 months old!

So the boys turned 8 months old yesterday and we tried to document the milestone by doing a day in the life of...video of them. It took a great amount of brain power to remember to take pics throughout the day, a huge accomplishment for Kevin and I since we suffer from CRS (Can't remember sh!#) disease since the boys came along. We thought we had perfected the video but for some reason when it uploaded to youtube it was modified. Some of the narration was omitted for pictures and the text is screwy on some of the pictures and the biggest mistake of all, that is our fault, is that the date is wrong on the opening page. We have tried to remedy the problems several times but we are quickly losing patience with the project and of course with two babies to care for we have limited free time to dedicate to it. It still came out cute and worthy of posting so here it is in its raw form.

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