Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spaghetti Anyone?

Spaghetti Monster!

I loved my spaghetti so much that I smeared it all over my face and helmet.

No spaghetti, I'll just stick with my daily happy meal and ice cream sundae for dessert. J.K!

We are starting to transition the boys to food with a little more texture. We have been giving them some finger foods from our plates for some time now so we figured it was time. Jake woke up first from his nap so I gave him some organic spaghetti with cheese. At first he looked at me like I was feeding him rat poison but quickly changed his mind. He ended up enjoying his dinner with only minor gagging incidents. Much like his Daddy he will eat just about anything placed in front of him.
Anderson was a different story. He was convinced I was feeding him something inedible and would only hang in there for a few bites. He never gagged so I don't think the texture was the issue but moreso the little guy doesn't like spaghetti. I'm baffled, how does one from my family not like spaghetti? For those who don't know I'm an embarassingly pickey eater. No exaggeration, I have NEVER eaten steak, ribs, fish, most vegetables (I'm turning red), the list goes on and on. I have a feeling Anderson will be joining my club. Paybacks are hell!

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