Saturday, September 15, 2007

Put me in the zoo

Checking out the turtles

My mantarage

The Family Pic in front of the giraffes

All tired out.

Jake and Daddy in the polar bear exhibit.

One of the boys favorite bedtime stories is Put me in the Zoo so today we decided to take them to the Detroit Zoo for the very first time. It was a cool day but comfortable with them all bundled and layered up. Although we saw close to 20 different animals we are certain the boys "saw" about 5. They definitely saw the turtles up close in their tanks, they babbled at them and banged on the glass. They saw the tigers because they were close enough to us and moving around. Jake saw polar bears and sea lions but Anderson fell asleep for that part. And finally we can confirm they saw the monkeys because they reacted to those as well. Everything else...well we're not really sure, if it wasn't movin' they didn't see it.

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