Sunday, September 16, 2007

AIDS Benefit Walk

Jake in his new car.

Anderson says "beep, beep".

The boys had a great time cruisin down the street. Jake was really serious about 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and Anderson liked to beep the horn.

The Edgars at the AIDS walk.

From Left to Right...Jared, Brian, Jake, Anderson, Kevin and me. The starting point was out in front of the Farmer's Market.

We had a busy weekend. Today we took the boys to Royal Oak for the annual walk for AIDS. The members of our team were the four of us, Jared, Brian, Erica (Jared's cousin on his other side), and friends of Jared and Brian. The walk was 5 kilometers down sidestreets and Woodward. Jared raised over 500 dollars on behalf of our team! The boys loved the walk and people watching. The adults enjoyed some warm spiked cider and zuchinni and chocolate chip bread compliments of Jodi. Thanks Jodi! It was a fun day for a great cause.

ETA: The boys and Uncle Jared appeared in the Detroit News this morning. Here they are at the AIDS walk, you can see them in the background!

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