Friday, September 28, 2007

Off Topic (sort of)... Meet two of my heros

Although Anderson and Jake have cured my childlessness, I still spend a fair amount of time obsessing over my infertility and have found a safe refuge with those who have walked a similar path. I don't know either of the courageous women I name as my heros but I would be honored to. As a wise Tori Amos once said "How many fates turn around in the overtime"

This blog is about a heartbreaking Guatemalan adoption gone awry. This mother has been in Guatemala for 10 months fostering her baby waiting for the adoption to be finalized. Generally this process is completed in 6 months or less. If the government does not approve the adoption by December she will lose the baby she has been raising for 10 months forever due to a change in adoption policy. Her daughter and 5,000 other Guatelmalan babies who have been matched with waiting families will be sent to overcrowded orphanges losing their chance at a forever family. If nothing else please take the time to sign her online petition for her fight to bring her daughter home.

The following is an article written about a woman's personal journey through infertility and the lengths she and many other woman are willing to go to to have the family they have always longed for. Her unwavering strength is unfathomable to me.

Counting my lucky stars,

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