Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm so tired..

Anderson after eating cottage cheese. I love his crazy bed head.

Jake always has this determined look on his face while eating. I always feel so pressured to feed him fast enough to his liking..."yes sir, right away sir".

Things got quiet while I was putting together dinner, usually it means trouble. In this case I found Jake just lounging around after a hard day of play.

Holla! I'm starting to figure out this creeping/crawling business.

Jake had chicken and stars up his nose. Instead of being a thumb sucker he is an index sucker.

that I can't even pull myself together to go to the MOMs of Multiples meeting I was supposed to go to tonight. I've been looking forward to meeting other moms of twins, trips or more who "get it" and that have been there done that. But its not going to happen tonight because Momma is exhausted. We have had a busy week with Physical Therapy appointments, a helmet adjustment (all the way to downtown D), and an appointment for me. I had an appointment with my endometriosis specialist and I had not seen him since he had put me under the knife twice in 3 months and purposely put me in a temporary menopause. It was not good times back then to say the least.

He is this tiny little persian guy, sassy as all get up and excrutiatingly honest. At the time I hated him because he was always giving me bad news and he literally stole my ovary without my prior permission. Of course he felt it was in my best interest health wise as to lower my risk of ovarian cancer but from a fertility standpoint it was the last thing I wanted to give up. From there he sent us on our way in hopes that a pregnancy would occur. The last thing he said to me 2 years ago when I left his office was "Don't let your infertility take over your life, ruin your marriage and steal your happiness. I promise you the next time I see you, you will be pregnant with twins and I will laugh at how fat you have gotten."

Well in a wierd, unexpected turn of events the s-o-b (I say this with pure love in my heart for him) was right. It was great yesterday to see him again under happier circumstances and to show him the products of his labor and expertise. He was very pleased with himself and gave himself more accelades than we did, it was pretty funny. I think he stopped just short of "I told you so" but I didn't mind. He said when he saw me in the hallway he remembered me and thought to himself she's a tough one, I better make sure she leaves here happy. As far as my endometriosis goes, well I didn't find anything out. Its off for more bloodwork and ultrasounds to make sure everything is in check.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I get to go to the spa! I'm being treated to a manicure, facial and massage and at least 3 hours reprieve from bottles and diapers. I'm fairly certain I've earned it!

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