Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Playing Together and Jake milestone

Anderson wondering if Jake can really fit that in his mouth.

I like playing with Anderson, he's a pretty nice brother.

Uh oh, near collision of giant baby heads.

Anderson and Jake working together to put the lid on.

Anderson and Jake played so nicely together today. They spent at least 15 minutes (that's like 2 hours in baby time) sharing blocks, eating them and taking them away from one another. No one shows themselves yet as the aggressor, both little guys are pretty easy going. Jake did a little bit of shrieking at the end but that was because he couldn't reach the block he wanted.

The three of us did some shopping for baby food today and met Daddy for lunch. I usually don't venture out too much on my own, but the boys did great. I also forgot to mention previously that Jake sits up unassisted now! Yay Jake!

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