Friday, August 03, 2007

7 Months Old

Jake in the laundry basket this morning.

Going swimming.

Drying off after my big swim.

When can we go again?

Happy 7 months Anderson and Jake! Today they had appointments for helmet adjustments and Anderson has officially graduated from his helmet! No more public humiliation for him, now poor Jake has lost his partner.

After a nap we took the boys back out again and headed to the community pool. We haven't taken them since they were around 4 months old and at that time they seemed to like it, but they were pretty indifferent. Today was much different! At first they didn't like it at all and were both pretty nervous when we first went in, but after just a few minutes to adjust to their new surroundings they loved it! We stayed for over an hour in the pool and they really seemed to enjoy it. They bobbed up and down, floated on their backs and splashed their hands in the water. Kevin and I were just smiling ear to ear the whole time watching them, we are so smitten!

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