Thursday, August 30, 2007

Go Lions ! ?

Jake (L) Anderson (R)

Maybe Anderson and Jake can bring some good luck to the Detroit Lions? Probably not, the Lions seem to stink no matter what.
A funny story I wanted to share...We've been on the hunt for bicycle helmets for the boys so that we can pull them in the bike trailer. We searched high and low and finally found helmets small enough for their heads for ages 1-3 years old. We thought they might be a little big but we could always fill them with some spongy foamy pieces or something. WELL.....we brought them home and opened them up and to our surprise they were WAY too small! Do we really have babies with heads the size of a large pre-schooler?? We aren't sure what we are going to do now. I suppose we'll go back and try on the next size up. Let's hope head/brain size is a predictor for a high IQ and thank goodness I ended up with a c-section!

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