Monday, August 27, 2007

Fantastic Frankenmuth

Fantastic Frankenmuth!

Tina, Kevin, Grant and Claire aka "The McBrides"

The family pic.

Jake at the Fudge Shoppe.

Papa James and Anderson James.

Uncle Kevin, cousin Grant and Anderson. Jake was napping.

Papa, Nanny, Claire and Grant.

Anderson and Jake took their first mini-vacay on Sunday to good ole Frankenmuth. As a child my family would go every year, Mom, Dad, Tina and my Grandparents. I have some very fond memories of those family days spent in Frankenmuth, so that is what we did yesterday and it was very nostalgic. We did some shopping, ate the famous chicken dinner at Zenders and shopped some more.

The boys seemed to enjoy themselves. They liked riding in their stroller and looking at all the sights. Dinner was a bit of a challenge. It last over 2 hours, which is about one hour and 15 minutes too long for a baby. We took the boys to a toy shop and they sat on the floor to play with some balls and stuffed animals. They especially liked being carried around by everyone.

Jake had a frightening moment that kinda became the highlight of the day. Since Zender's is famous for their chicken they have somebody dress up in a chicken suit to come into the dining room and greet the children. The chicken didn't really come too close to our table but walked about 7 ft. past where Jake was and he was pretty spooked by the chicken. He let out a high pitch scream loud enough to break glass but then he quickly recovered as the chicken moved farther away. Poor Jake, he's such a nervous nelly but the rest of us thought it was pretty funny.

The boys were pretty wound up by the time we got home. After sleeping in the car on the way home they were ready to party when we got home. Bedtime was a bit stressful but after lots of soothing the boys drifted off into wonderful dreams of Fantastic Frankenmuth.

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