Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just Jake

Jake having a tug of war with Anderson's hand over this toy.

Smiling for Daddy.

Sweetie Pie.

This post is all about Jake. Jake is a sweet little guy who loves to cuddle and hold hands. When we are holding him or playing with him he will often reach out to touch our faces, rest his hand on our arm and twirl Mommy's hair. His newest talent is singing to us. For the past few days when he wakes up in his crib he begins to make sounds that sound like he is trying to sing. He doesn't complain very often and unlike his brother he LOVES to eat his veggies. There hasn't been anything we have given him that he hasn't devoured and let's not forget his ice cream obbession. He is a sensitive person who doesn't like sudden movements, loud sounds, or when people seem angry or upset.

He doesn't hand out smiles like his brother and laughs a little less often but when he does smile or giggle you know it is sincere and genuine. I take Jake to physical therapy twice a week and there is a little boy who is about 3 yrs. old that is always in the waiting room with us. He pretty much ignores Jake and disobeys his Mom quite a bit which causes her to scold him often. Whenever he yells back at his Mom or won't listen Jake starts belly laughing. He just thinks that this boy is the funniest thing ever. Sometimes the boy makes a face at Jake and yells "no" at him and this makes Jake laugh even harder. I can't figure out what it is about this boy that makes Jake laugh but it is such innappropriate laughter that it is just too funny when it happens.

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