Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kevin assembling the double stroller.

Yesterday Kevin started to put together some of the gifts we received at the shower. The twin bassinett is now assembled and ready to go. He also assembled the double stroller and the car seats. We are still waiting on the furniture for the nursery. It was supposed to be delivered three weeks ago to the wharehouse from the manufacturer but apparently that did not happen because we still haven't gotten a delivery date.

The nursery is a mess right now because we have no dressers to put all of the things we received away. I'm feeling totally unprepared for the boys arrival. Unfortunately I can't go into the nursery and organize things or take inventory of things we still need to buy so it is very frustrating.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. My Mom, Dad and Grandmother have offered to change their plans (my sister is hosting a big dinner) and come over and cook a small Thanksgiving dinner here at our house. I'm glad that Kevin and I will be able to have a somewhat normal Thanksgiving since we were going to be unable to go anywhere.

Thankfully most of our Christmas shopping is done. My sister offered to help us out and she has spent the past couple of weeks picking up gifts here and there for us. My mom has been coming over weekly to help prepare a meal or two, do laundry and clean the house. Kevin's mom has also helped to prepare meals for us as well as my grandmother. My grandmother has made us some good old fashioned polish dishes.

Even my cousin Jared came over last week and made chicken enchiladas. Usually he just comes to babysit me and make me laugh but this week he really stepped outside of his box by cooking a meal. My good friend Jodi has also brought us food, magazines and goodies. A huge thank you to everyone who has been so generous in helping us out, if I forgot anyone I apologize!

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Anonymous said...

Talk about "double duty". Is that a football game I see in the background? :) :) :)

Thinking about all four of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.