Friday, November 17, 2006

30 week update

Today marks the 30 week milestone and Kevin and I are very grateful to still be pregnant with the boys safely on the inside. We had a dr.'s appointment, a detailed ultrasound, and a non-stress test today. We were there for four hours, so I guess you could say they are covering all their bases to make sure everything is being done to keep the babies safe.

The ultrasound went well. The boys continue to grow and gain weight. Baby A (our sassy one) is the smaller of the two and he weighs 3 lbs. 15 ounces. Despite being slightly smaller than his brother he has a significantly larger head. Hmmm....he was going to get the "sportier" name and his brother, due to his more calm nature, was going to get the" brainy" name. Baby B weighs
4 lbs. 3 ounces, Kevin and I were surprised at the size of the babies. Everything we have been reading says they are expected to weigh just slightly over 3 lbs. at 30 weeks and usually twins tend to be smaller than singletons so we are very happy that they are developing so well. Of course the measurements are only an estimate but we are excited nonetheless.

After the ultrasound we had the non-stress test. This test is done to monitor the babies heartbeats for a half an hour and to check me for contractions. The monitors for the babies heartbeats were placed on my stomach and our usual easy going Twin B was a little tempermental today. He kicked or punched at the monitor till eventually he moved it off of his chest area and they lost the signal. It was entertaining to watch the monitor move across my stomach. I guess everyone is entitled to get crabby once in while, Lord knows his mom has had her share of those days lately. Despite his antics they were able to get the information they needed and both heartbeats looked great and I only had one contraction during that time so the dr. said that it was good news all around.

At our last appointment my cervix (yes it is wierd to discuss your cervix publicly) measured one centimeter and today it measured at a half centimeter. Although it decreased again we were relieved that it is still closed and not dialating. The dr. expressed again how important it is that we make it to 32 weeks to ensure the saftey of the babies. The 32 week mark is important because after that point it is extremely rare for babies to develop any bleeding on the brain(cerebral hemmoraging) even if they are premature. If they came now their chances of cerebral hemmoraging is small but there is still a chance it could happen. IF we can make it to 34 weeks then I will be allowed to resume some activity and we will just let nature take its course. So its back to bedrest I go.

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