Monday, November 06, 2006

4 days and counting to 29 week milestone.

I had a dr.'s appointment today and things are pretty much the same since leaving the hospital one week ago. My bloodpressure was good, I haven't been able to gain weight for a few weeks now but that doesn't seem to be a concern since the boys are growing well. My total weight gain to date is about 40 pounds. The contractions sneak up on me in the evenings so my dr. is increasing the meds that I am taking. Hopefully they will help because getting the contractions can be so nervewracking. It is a terrible feeling to know that labor could start at any minute and the contractions are just a reminder of that. I'm so afraid that I won't know when they are serious enough to head in to the hospital and I need to be sure I go in enough time to for the dr. to be able to stop them. My next appointment will be a week from Friday and at that time we will have another ultrasound to see how much growth the boys have made. Hopefully they will be around three and half pounds each.

Since being on bedrest Kevin has had to take over all the household duties. Although he does help out from time to time under normal circumstances, our typical responsibilties are that he handles the outside and I do the inside. Poor Kevin has been having to do so much running around. I literally cannot do anything but get up to go to the restroom so he has to bring me everything I need, do all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, and errands. I feel so bad watching him work so hard and he never complains. But those of you who know Kevin well would not be surprised by that.

Being on bedrest has started to take a toll on me physically. When I do get up to use the restroom my legs are starting to feel like rubber. I think I am experiencing muscle atrophy. After going to the dr. appointment today I was exhausted! Kevin even had to push me around in a wheelchair since the dr. doesn't want me walking and I was still tired by the end of it all. I wish I could have that feeling of fatigue at 4 a.m. when I'm wide awake and can't sleep because my hips hurt so bad.

Just a side note, the tickers that are above each post are 4 days off, hence the title of this post. Its a long story but its too much of a pain in the a$$ to try and fix them.

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