Sunday, November 26, 2006

31 weeks 2 days

Only 4 more days to go till we make it to what once seemed an unattainable goal of 32 weeks! At this point the boys would of course be preemies but at less of a risk of developing any serious complications, they would most likely be labeled what the NICU calls "feeders and growers". They would just need some extra time to gain weight and learn to feed properly because usually the sucking reflex does not develop till 34 weeks. Our next appointment is on Wednesday and starting the week after this we'll be going twice a week for the monitoring of the boys heartrates and my contractions. We are still hoping to make it to at least 34 weeks before the boys make their arrival.

We had a nice Thanksgiving despite the circumstances. My parents and grandmother came over and cooked all day and in the evening Kevin's family brought desert and visited as well. Even though I was bound to the couch it was soooo nice to have a break from the norm.

I'll update again after our appointment on Wednesday. It has become increasingly difficult for me to sit up and type very often. One of the boys is so high up in my rib cage that if I'm not laying on my side the pain in my back becomes unbearable.

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