Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's the small things

I was lying awake in bed this morning thinking about the boys. It occured to me that there is a good chance that they could be here by Christmas time since twins don't usually go full term. I started to think how wonderful it would be if they were here by the holidays and then I thought of something made my heart soar. The stockings! I was so excited and happy with tears that I immediately called Kevin at work to remind him of the stockings. He shared my excitement and knew immediately what I was going to say before it even came out.

A few years ago, before we decided to start our family we bought Christmas stockings for ourselves. We returned to the store a few days later to buy 2 more stockings so that all 4 stockings would match when we had our family. Unfortunately when we were unable to become pregnant the stockings took on a different meaning. They became a cruel reminder each Christmas that we didn't have the family we had anticipated and didn't know if we ever would. I guess I didn't realize what affect longingly looking at those stockings each year, only to put them back in the box, has had on me until this morning. It may seem so insignificant to others but to us it means so, so much.

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